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When the Angels arrived on Earth, they did not come to bring peace. But these events are centuries old and no one really remembers why they happened. The Imperium was created to defend Earth citizens. Become a Guardian of the Imperium, the threat is there, and it comes from Heaven.


The Infernity is a cross-media universe whose history evolves through different events mixing art and narration.
The adventure begins with a NFT collection but this is only the beginning of a long journey.

The Infernity is a cross-media universe and game project based on Ethereum Blockchain. The entry ticket is a character from the collection of 9,999 NFTs.

You travel through a world full of myths and legends, between fantasy and cyberpunk. Now is the time to build your own story in this mythical place that is the Imperium, and perhaps even shape the future of the world of The Infernity. Become a guardian of what was once Eden, the threat is there, and it comes from heaven.

A big family


The community is at the heart of the project and makes its strength. In the game, Players will take part in the construction of the lore and its unfolding. The Infernity currently has a community of over 3000 members on Discord.

Transparency and ownership


We believe in a digital universe built by players. The decentralized system of blockchains guarantees to Players the authentic ownership of a digital file. This key element of traceability is important in a game that places lore at its priority. The Guardians are actors of their story, and it’ll be gradually written.
Immersive and participative


The Infernity is the crystallization of the artistic desires of its creators and this is what makes the project really strong. This passion ensures a coherent and visually striking universe through platforms. This continuity ensures a complete cross-platform immersion which also translates into a gamification of each elements of the project: on the discord server where members can convert their time investment into daily / weekly rewards.

Your loyalty is rewarded


Owning one of the first Guardians guarantees direct access to the game, access to the full battle pass and to bundles of items represented on the NFT. Our first buyers will also have access to specific airdrops, which can include future game items or even a larger share during the initial distribution when our token will be launched.


Informations written are subject to change.



  • Conception & creation of the 9999 Guardian’s collection
  • Website & Roadmap (V1)
  • Discord Opening


  • Smartcontract creation
  • Private Sale for investors (Sold Out) : 222 NFTs
  • Artworks reveal
  • Airdrop for holders


Q1 – 2022

  • Community Manager joined the team
  • Collaboration Manager joined the team
  • Opening of the Whitelist
  • Discord upgrade (Quests & Raid system / Gold and marketplace system)
  • Collaborations with other projects / brands (HPPRS, Material Minted, MetaScyra…)

Q2 – 2022

  • The Infernity officially joined the creative web3 studio Ambre Verse
  • Lead Game Designer joined the team
  • Launch of the Cinematic Trailer created by Ambre Verse
  • Website & Roadmap upgraded to V2
  • Newsletter inscription opening


TBA Q3/Q4 – 2022
  • Gameplay concept development
  • Whitepaper V2
  • Hiring a Marketing team
  • Hiring a Game blockchain developer
  • Hiring a Narrative designer
  • More collaborations with projects with qualitative visuals
  • Partnership
  • Investors
  • Official Gameplay Reveal


TBA Q4 – 2022

  • New Cinematic Trailer
  • Sale Opening
  • Rewards for holders (TBA)
  • Collectible Airdrops
  • Artbook
  • More lore reveal


TBA Q1/Q2 – 2023
  • Beginning of the Game Development


Informations written are subject to change.

What is the project ?

The Infernity is a Play&Earn game in development in which players will be able to play their character in a mix between science-fiction and fantasy world.

How to play the game ?

The only way to join the game is to buy 1 Guardian (NFT) from our collection “The Infernity” on the primary or secondary sale.

Which kind of game ?

The Infernity is a Play-to-earn game. The team is currently working on gameplay concept and game design. Check the roadmap and subscribe to our newsletter to know all the important informations about the development.

Who’s behind the project ?

The Infernity was initially thought and created by Jonathan Plesel and Thibault Zeller. Today, the project has officially joined the Ambre Verse structure to ease the whole creation process and we are now 7 members in the team. Contact us if you want to be a part of this journey at [email protected].

What is the total supply ?

9.999 NFTs

How can I buy a Guardian ?

You will only be allowed to mint a Guardian when the sale reopen (check Mint page). You will be able to connect your Metamask wallet to our website. Then you will need to click on the mint button and finally accept your wallet transaction. The other way to buy a Guardian is to buy it on the secondary market on our Opensea collection’s page.

What is the mint price ?

0.1 ETH each + Gas fees.
4 mint max per wallet

0.12 ETH each + Gas fees.
6 mint max per wallet

Holders advantages ?

Buying a Guardian allow you to have access to the final game. It will also give you access to special rewards & advantages during all the game development (reveal incoming). The team really cares about all the people who will make this project alive and want to reward them as much as they can.

Secondary market ?

The collection is available on opensea.io/collection/theinfernity. There, you can buy a Guardian on the secondary market.

Which blockchain for the game ?

For now, the game concept is still in development so the blockchain isn’t decided yet. It’ll depend on the gameplay mechanics, to have the best game experience as possible. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all important informations during the game development.

The Infernity token ?

For now, we are currently working on concept/design of the game. We plan to develop our own currency for the project soon. Check out the roadmap to learn more about the timeline development.

Which blockchain for the collection ?

The NFT collection “The Infernity” is currently on ETH blockchain.

About the smartcontract ?

The smartcontract of the collection is an ERC-721. It was developed by our blockchain developer, Patrick Kisbalázs from NFTeam.

Become a partner ?

If you’re interested by our project and our vision for it, send us an email at [email protected] to introduce yourself, your company and which kind of partnership you can propose.

Become an investor ?

The Infernity is a long-term project with a real desire to be an important actor in the web3 ecosystem. If you’re interested by the project and think you can contribute, send us an email at [email protected] to talk about our future collaboration.


Some Guardians who work to make this project better.

Jonathan Plesel Co-Founder & Artist
Thibault Zeller Co-Founder & Artist
David Plesel Lead Game Designer
Hermine Community Manager
Joey Wylie Collaboration Manager
Patrik Kisbalázs Blockchain Developer
Sacha Pessin Chief Moderator

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