9999 Guardians to protect Eden.

A few fragments of eternity after the era we know, the first appearance of the Angels on Earth changed many things. Perceived as a threat, the inhabitants of the Earth became one people. As a result, a group called the Imperium was created by humans to fight this threat. But these events are centuries old and no one really remembers why they happened.

Many believe that the worst is over and that the future is paved with peace. But the Imperium exists and is watching, the world needs you. Become a guardian of what was once Eden, the threat is there, and it comes from heaven.




Let there be light
(Genesis 1:3-5)

In the Infernity Verse, you will embody a Guardian of the Imperium who protects Eden from the threat of heaven.

The collection is the starting point of the odyssey that takes place. And that’s why we are working a lot to make this first drop go as well as possible by creating relevant visuals, mixing powerful art direction with strong symbols of rarity and holyness. All animated.

We will implement different things during the launch: possibility to choose the type of character, a gas fee reduction system and an anti-bot system.



Let the waters abound
(Genesis 1:20-23)

The whole story of The Infernity will unfold through different events where the holders will be able, by their choices, to influence the future of the Guardians in their quest to protect Eden.

They will therefore be able to choose the destiny of humanity against the threat from heaven during this first event.

This is a very important part for us because we want to make this universe as immersive as possible and we can’t wait to see what will be the destiny chosen by the community.



Ask, and it will be given to you
(Matthew 7:7)

There will be several variations of the universe through new special NFT rewards and physical items that will be given to people who will have trusted us from the start and bring the story of The Infernity to life through their choices.

It’s a way to thank the community and give people more, making their adventure the most immersive and intense. Without the community, nothing is possible.

Although we are focused on the Metaverse, we will also be creating physical objects related to The Infernity’s verse.



For nothing will be impossible
(Luke 1:37)

How can we not think of an adaptation of The Infernity’s verse in animated series. We have a strong experience in short films and we would like to develop the universe in this way.

One of the best way to pay tribute to The Infernity’s verse and its community is to offer them a unique immersive experience by the creation of shorts to illustrate the choices during all the events.

It’s a complex universe it has a real potential for visual adaptation and we are so excited to make this world alive by this creative way.



Let there be a firmament
(Genesis 1:6-8)

Here we are, the future of Metaverse has some amazing things to reveal to us.. We are here and now at the start of a new era and The Infernity will be part of this technological turning point.

We will start by creating an extended gameplay and our own token. The website will become a platform where the holders will be able to perform actions related to the various events. Ultimately, the guardians can be used in the different Metaverses.

We will also give voice to other artists to create different visions of the universe. The works will be exhibited during physical and digital events.

And this is only the beginning.



If you are reading these lines it is because you have a certain interest in our project and we thank you for it. We are two artists and directors, Jonathan Plesel and Thibault Zeller. Like every project we undertake, The Infernity is guided by a common desire to offer something new and of quality. As an artist but also as directors, the

The Infernity collection gives us both the opportunity to create impactful images in our respective worlds and to tell a story in a completely new sustainable way through the Metaverse.

We are artists but that does not mean that we do not agree with the economic issues raised by a project like this and we will work to create something valuable for our holders. We're determined to create something relevant that isn't just another collection.

We are constantly exploring ways to create a Metaverse technology-driven experience. The future guardians will have a role to play in the sequence of events and in the path that the history of this universe will take. The Infernity is here to stay, and you will write its story.

Be ready for The Infernity.



We are both 3D artists and directors from Paris and 2 years ago we decided to collaborate to create our studio called Ambre Collective. We both grew up with many science fiction references and, as you could see, we like to play with these codes in our different creations. Our common adventure has led us to collaborate with many musical artists and major brands, we also each on our own or together create several short films. The collection is, like the creation of our studio, a new point of junction between the two worlds that we have developed on our side as artists.

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